Monday, August 30, 2010

August 31st

Ok, we went to Wonderland yesterday. I tell ya what, aussie rollercosters have NOTHING compared to the ones there. these ones are enormous! the largest one there is The Behemoth. Its 70m high with a 75 degree drop. its 1.62k long and its finished in 3min. It goes 125k an hour. its nuts. anyway, we didn't go on that. we went on a heap of other rides. we went on the go karts, the boys played laser tag. only had 3 jackets so i sat out. we went on the beast which was great, sean took cammy on the vortex. we also went on the white water rapids ride (we got soaked but cammy was hit with the waterfall :D), the backlot stunt coaster, the time warp and the thunder run. the time warp is a scarey cuz the capsules you have to get into don't stop, so you gotta run up to them, climb in, and then the cage comes down. the only thing stopping you from slipping out is the steps your feet are on and the handles in front of your face. anyway, as it starts, the capsules make you lie horizontal and it takes you up and up and up and then the fun starts with a drop and it turns you upside down and everything. My hands were around the handles like a vise. sean was next to me and was trying to get me to fist pump his fist just to get me to let go lol.
the backlot stunt coaster goes from 0-64km/h in just 4 seconds. its insanely fun. you get to sit in little mini coopers cuz it was known as the italian job when the park was owned by paramount. lets see.....oh the thunder run is cute. you go inside paramount mountain and it looks a little like a mine. anyways, we did most of the roller coasters at night. it was wickedly fun. we didn't leave until closing time.
The beast was the first coaster we went on. that was insane. again, my hand were like vises on the little handle things. my hair was standing up! it was blown back that much. it was the best day ever. just me and the boys. we had so much fun! we all needed that day. my muscles are killing me and my throat hurts from screaming on the coasters, but i don't think we could of had a better day :)

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