Sunday, August 29, 2010

august 15 - 29th.

We got a little Aussie Shepherd this day. His name is Akito. He was 8 weeks when we got him. he's about 10 weeks now. We take him to puppy school on saturday. He knows sit by hand command and he is toilet trained.....sorta. he has a few accidents when we don't get to him on time and most of the time its on the puppy mats anyway.

Yesterday, the 28th, we had our wedding reception dinner. 40 people showed up. It was a wonderful night. i can't remember the name of most of the people, but im getting there lol. the 40 was just immediate family, aunts and uncles. We had home made lasagne and stuff. really yummy!

Today, the 29th, we're heading out to wonderland. Its the largest themepark in canada and 3rd largest in N. America. I'll put up another post when we get home tonight.

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