Monday, August 30, 2010

August 31st

Ok, we went to Wonderland yesterday. I tell ya what, aussie rollercosters have NOTHING compared to the ones there. these ones are enormous! the largest one there is The Behemoth. Its 70m high with a 75 degree drop. its 1.62k long and its finished in 3min. It goes 125k an hour. its nuts. anyway, we didn't go on that. we went on a heap of other rides. we went on the go karts, the boys played laser tag. only had 3 jackets so i sat out. we went on the beast which was great, sean took cammy on the vortex. we also went on the white water rapids ride (we got soaked but cammy was hit with the waterfall :D), the backlot stunt coaster, the time warp and the thunder run. the time warp is a scarey cuz the capsules you have to get into don't stop, so you gotta run up to them, climb in, and then the cage comes down. the only thing stopping you from slipping out is the steps your feet are on and the handles in front of your face. anyway, as it starts, the capsules make you lie horizontal and it takes you up and up and up and then the fun starts with a drop and it turns you upside down and everything. My hands were around the handles like a vise. sean was next to me and was trying to get me to fist pump his fist just to get me to let go lol.
the backlot stunt coaster goes from 0-64km/h in just 4 seconds. its insanely fun. you get to sit in little mini coopers cuz it was known as the italian job when the park was owned by paramount. lets see.....oh the thunder run is cute. you go inside paramount mountain and it looks a little like a mine. anyways, we did most of the roller coasters at night. it was wickedly fun. we didn't leave until closing time.
The beast was the first coaster we went on. that was insane. again, my hand were like vises on the little handle things. my hair was standing up! it was blown back that much. it was the best day ever. just me and the boys. we had so much fun! we all needed that day. my muscles are killing me and my throat hurts from screaming on the coasters, but i don't think we could of had a better day :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

august 15 - 29th.

We got a little Aussie Shepherd this day. His name is Akito. He was 8 weeks when we got him. he's about 10 weeks now. We take him to puppy school on saturday. He knows sit by hand command and he is toilet trained.....sorta. he has a few accidents when we don't get to him on time and most of the time its on the puppy mats anyway.

Yesterday, the 28th, we had our wedding reception dinner. 40 people showed up. It was a wonderful night. i can't remember the name of most of the people, but im getting there lol. the 40 was just immediate family, aunts and uncles. We had home made lasagne and stuff. really yummy!

Today, the 29th, we're heading out to wonderland. Its the largest themepark in canada and 3rd largest in N. America. I'll put up another post when we get home tonight.

Friday, August 13, 2010

puppy hunting

We found a litter of australian shepherd puppies in Mississauga. Mum and Dad are at the end of the pics. Dad is the red merle and mum is the blue merle. They are both purebred. this is the puppy we want Isn't she cute!! I already emailed her and asked if she could hold her for us. Hopefully she will. Click the button down the bottom of the page of the pics to get all the info.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dinner and a show!

Cammy took us out to Red Lobster tonight. OMG amazing food. I had a mixture of crab legs, Lobster and prawns in some sort of herb sauce. It was so tasty. On our way home, I looked out the car window and saw a shooting star, reminding me that the meteor shower was on tonight. So we went out to Fort Henry and lay out on the grass for about 2 hours. We saw a dozen or so shooting stars and 3 really big ones. They left a trail and broke thru the atmosphere! They were all red and stuff. It was awesome. We were up there with people from new brunswick. they were really nice :) we all just sat there and talked while we watched and when we saw one we'd all go "Oh look! There's one! did you see it??". One of the ladies only saw a couple XD. She kept missing them. Anyways, is still really tired so I'm going to have an early night. Its 11pm

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First month

I've been in canada for about 3 weeks now. We've done all sorts of things. During the first week I got to see a deer on the conservation park that backs up onto Colin's mums house. It was about 9 am in the morning. A beautiful doe. 
The first weekend I was here (24th/25th july) I got to meet some of Colin's relatives. They are lovely people. Then we went touring and stuff. I've seen pretty much all of kingston. 
On the 30th of july, Colin's mum Anne took Colin, Cameron and I up to her trailer (camper van). Its at this really nice park. There is a large lake there and a forest on the other side. So the first thing you see when you go outside in the morning is the lake covered in a thin layer of mist with the forest lit up in orange from the sun. It was almost magical. Oh and the lake? I've never seen clearer water before. You can see everything until it gets too deep. I got to see my first chipmunks, loons and flying squirrels there. It was fantastic. 
At the moment, we're living with Dad and Cindy. Things have gotten a little quieter. Well...for me at least. Colin is playing taxi for his brothers, mostly driving cammy to work, but he gets petrol money.
On Sunday, Brad took colin and I out to a pool lounge/bar thing. there is at least 15 pool tables at this place. Raxxes or something. we had so much fun :)
I've also met a few of colin's friends during these last 3 weeks. They are nice people :) Lots of fun to be around. Cody especially. He's hilarious. I can see why he's Colin's best friend now.
The one thing I miss tho is the sun lol. Not saying there isn't sun here at all....its just alot less than in australia. It's frequently overcast. Everyday the sun get covered in cloud at some point. I've just started on some vitamin D tablets (see natty, I listened to you!). All I felt like doing today was sleeping. So after explaining to colin that it was my anemia due to lack of iron and vitamin D, he asked what has iron in it and i told him strawberries (high amount of iron in those!). He was just about to go on a run for me when dad sent him back downstairs with the tablets. They are the ones you can get from coles and stuff. I'm going to see how they go and see if i feel any better in the next few days. anyways time for bed. Its now....12:40 in the morning. ugh.....most post later!! Love you and miss you all!